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Lifegate Production

The Lifegate Production team facilitates services at all our campuses at Lifegate and have opportunities for volunteers in live audio, video, stage management or lighting production. It’s an exciting way to be a part of one of the backbones of our multi-site movement. We invite you to join us for a Lifegate Production orientation at your campus! For more information, email

Serving with Lifegate Production

Serving on our Lifegate Production team varies from campus to campus and we encourage team members to serve twice a month. This allows volunteers to maintain a consistent flow and understanding of the equipment.

We also have a collective meeting every 6 weeks for fun, fellowship and additional focused training. Serving positions include:  Service Producer, Video Director, Assistant Video Director, Graphics/Video Roll & Record, Lighting Operator, Camera Operator, Stage Manager,  Front Of House Audio (Experience Required), Audio tech, Assistant Audio tech.

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