Lifegate Worship

We are a people that thirst first for God, and our worship flows from this desire to see God become the highest priority in our lives. We make it our goal to create a compelling atmosphere, full of confidence and free of distraction, for people to encounter God on a weekly basis.

We believe in the power of music and the role it plays in inviting people to experience the presence of God. Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, we hope that the music connects with you and moves you to a deeper connection with God.

Lifegate Worship Albums

Our worship albums help you to create an environment of worship at home, in the car or wherever you may be. They come from our own team and are inspired by what God is doing in our lives.

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Many people are gifted in worship — vocally and instrumentally. Also, many have a desire to use this gifting to encourage and lead others. We have several opportunities for serving in worship: playing an instrument in the band on weekends, leading worship in Lifegate KIDS or being a lyric operator during a service. We want to help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

If you are interested in serving with Lifegate Worship, email

Lifegate Production

The Lifegate Production team facilitates services at all our campuses at Lifegate and have opportunities for volunteers in live audio, video, stage management or lighting production. It’s an exciting way to be a part of one of the backbones of our multi-site movement.

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