Financial Stewardship

The fundamental principle of biblical stewardship is this: God owns everything; we are simply managers or administrators acting on His behalf.

Stewardship is where our faith becomes action. Where we align our lives and our resources to glorify God and fully pursue the dreams he has put in our hearts.

Money is important to people and important to God, so we don’t avoid talking about it at Lifegate. We want to resource you with wisdom from the Bible and practical training so you can succeed with your finances.
Below are resources and tools we offer to help in your financial journey.

Simple Money Class – February 2022

Join us for 5 weeks in room 239 at our West Dodge Campus starting at 6:30pm on Monday, February 21st.

Whether you’re trying to escape the clutches of debt or diligently plan for the future, Simple Money is your pathway to financial freedom. Through practical applications of biblical principles, our goal is not just for you to be informed but to be transformed. In these five action-packed lessons, you will learn how to become debt free, build wealth, live a generous life, and much more!


Financial Coaching

Good coaching makes us better at whatever we are trying to accomplish. The benefits of personal financial coaching can be life-changing.

Lifegate Church offers personal, one-on-one Financial Coaching for free. If you are longing for a financial turnaround, we are here to serve and help you in a very honoring, loving, encouraging and confidential way.

Financial coaching is for everyone – not just for those who are struggling financially, but for those who have much as well. The truth is, we all can become better stewards. For those who are farther along in their stewardship journey, we provide specialized coaching (guiding principles, not specific investments) for wealth creation and wealth management.

For further information and to get scheduled for your personal, one-on-one financial coaching, please email the Financial Coaching Team:

Email Financial Coaching

Video Series on Financial Stewardship

Stewardship and money are regular topics in our weekend services. Here is a curated list of some of our most impactful series on these topic. They’re a great place to start on your stewardship journey. Both video and audio files are available.


People see money in various ways but almost everyone believes they don’t have enough of it. This first talk in the Unstrapped series addresses the biggest reason behind “not enough” and invites those tuning in on a journey over the next 4 weeks toward: freedom from never enough. Do you serve money or does it serve you? Find out as this talk invites you to consider A Godly Perspective On Money!

Unstrapped Series

A Fully Funded Life

Are you set up for success in your finances? A Fully Funded Life is Lifegate’s attempt to do something life-changing for you: helping you understand how to lay a solid financial foundation to see the dreams fulfilled that God has placed in your heart.

A Fully Funded Life Series


“Hey, that’s mine!” This is a statement all of us have made from our earliest years. We focus on what’s “mine” we fight for what’s “mine” and we guard what’s “mine.” This series is all about our grip, what we are holding on to tightly and what or who is holding on to us!

Mine Series

Positioned to Prosper

Our culture has a difficult time celebrating success. In contrast, God’s plan is to prosper His children. Learn how necessary it is to give yourself permission to experience God’s favor and then how to position yourself to receive His plans for your life.

Positioned to Prosper Series


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