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Lifegate values God’s wonderful plan of family. Your family is with you through the joys and sorrows in life. When done well, it magnifies the joys, brings comfort in the sorrows, and glorifies God through them both. We offer various ministry opportunities to see you maximize your relationship potential for you (marriage) and future generations (parenting).

Marriage & Parenting YouTube Channel

Pastor of Marriage & Parenting John Hunsberger answers and gives valuable insight into questions that were submitted at this past Spring’s Parenting Conference! Check out the Lifegate Marriage & Parenting YouTube Channel by clicking the link below!

Marriage & Parenting YouTube

Parenting Encouragement During a Crisis

Of the many areas in our lives that can be strained during this pandemic season, the at-home relationships among spouses, parents and children may be at the top of the list. Click the link below for some words of encouragement from Lifegate’s Marriage & Parenting Pastor, John Hunsberger. We hope these posts can guide and encourage you during this time of crisis! New posts will be available weekly, and can also be found on the Lifegate App.

Lifegate Parenting Blog

2 to 1 Marriage Preparation Weekend

TWO Times A YEAR | Friday & Saturday | 6:30 – 9:00 pm / 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

We believe one of the best times to invest in your marriage is before you say “I do.” If you are engaged or currently dating and thinking about marriage, we invite you to attend 2 to 1. You’ll learn foundational truths for building a healthy marriage. 2 to 1 is a required step for couples desiring to be married at Lifegate Church and/or by a Lifegate leader. This marriage preparation weekend is offered two times a year. The cost is $60/couple. For more information, email

2 to 1 registration (APRIL 8-9, 2022)

2 to 1 registration (AUGUST 12-13, 2022)


If you would like to schedule your wedding at a Lifegate campus or need help finding someone to officiate your wedding, email We will help you to get you started on planning your big day.

Attending our 2 to 1 Marriage Preparation Weekend is a required step for couples desiring to be married at Lifegate Church and/or by a Lifegate leader.

Marriage Mentoring

While some couples face great struggles that require the expertise of a trained counselor, most married couples will benefit from meeting with a marriage mentor couple to help improve an already “good” marriage. Marriage mentoring focuses on helping a couple to identify areas that need improvement and provides an example of a godly marriage with the opportunity to spend time with one of our trained mentor couples. We will match you and your spouse with a Lifegate mentor couple who has the experience and training to walk with you through the process of change and growth in order to have the marriage God intended for you.

For more information, email

Apply to Be Mentored – PDF

Apply to Be a Mentor – PDF

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