The Lifegate Leadership CoLab is a community of emerging leaders who are passionate about growing the Kingdom both inside and outside the walls of the church in a post-Christian culture. This 10-month experience is designed to provide an integrated approach to leadership development that encompasses spiritual formation, emotional health, and personal calling.



Applications due by May 31, 2021


The Lifegate Leadership CoLab is a 10-month program designed to empower and train you for life in ministry. You will not simply assist one of our pastors, but enter into a mentoring relationship where you will be encouraged and required to own a particular ministry, team, or series of events within your Lab. The 6 Labs are listed below.

In addition to being a vital part of a ministry Lab, all residents will participate in a weekly class taught by Lifegate pastors and will be given countless opportunities to learn and grow within the community of residents.

“The connected generation wants the church to be a laboratory of leadership, not just a place for spirituality.” – Dave Kinnaman, President of Barna


When will I hear if I’ve been accepted?
After submitting your application you will be contacted for an interview. Our goal is to
inform all residents that they’ve been accepted by the end of July.

Is there a cost?

Do I get paid?
Yes! As a part of the Leadership CoLab you will be compensated as a part-time intern of
Lifegate Church.

What are the hours?
Residents are required to work 20 hours a week in their respective Lab. Included in that
time is your 90 minute class time on Wednesdays.

How long does the CoLab last?
A typical academic school year! The program begins in September and runs through the end of May.

Can I still work my other job/attend school while in the CoLab?
Absolutely. Our goal is to keep your schedule flexible enough so that you can be invested in during your time here, while also leaving plenty of time to work another job or attend school.

How is this different than an internship?
The goal of the Leadership CoLab is to help empower you and train you for life in vocational ministry. We firmly believe you can’t do that unless you really own what you are doing. You will not simply assist one of our pastors, but you will be encouraged and required to own a particular ministry, team, or series of events within your Lab.

Do I need a car?
It is highly encouraged that you have your own car while you are a resident. We are a multi-site campus and Omaha is a sprawling city. Many residents have found that their weekly responsibilities require them to have mobility.

Is there an age range?
Yes. Our minimum age requirement is 18 and finished with a high school degree. As for the older end of the spectrum, we have had residents as old as 50! So if you still feel passionately about leading and impacting in the church, the Leadership CoLab could be for you.

Is this for me if I am still figuring out my calling in life?
The CoLab is designed for people who are passionate about serving Jesus and want to gain experience in whatever their given passion or gifting is. We understand that calling may shift in your life, but if you still haven’t quite figured out what you want to do with your life, the CoLab may not be for you.


“The Lifegate Residency program was a life changing journey that not only pulled me closer to Jesus, but confirmed the calling I felt spoken over my life! Residency placed leaders in my life who purposed to stretch me and call out giftings I had not seen in myself. The hands on experience and leadership I was trusted with challenged me and prepared me for my current position in a great church and in an area I was praying for!”   – Cami A

“Through residency at Lifegate I was able to have real-time, on-the-ground experience in a ministry that I was passionate about, while also being in a church that I love. I now am a pastor at a church and love it.”     -Caleb K

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