Our Life Code is the DNA that reflects who we are as a people. These eight expressions are seen in all we are and all we do as Lifegate Church.

We Thirst First for God

Our primary pursuit in life, as a staff and church, is relationship with Jesus. We keep this our first priority and the one from which all of our other priorities flow.

We Live Like Our Servant King

We love serving God by serving one another and those on their way to life in Jesus. We all serve as our calling and our privilege.

We Are an Honoring Community

We freely give honor to those above us, beside us, and under us because of the calling and the potential God has placed inside of them.

We Dress Daily for Battle

We vigilantly pray and stand for the Kingdom of God and against the powers of darkness knowing that through God’s authority and power, God’s loving purposes will prevail.

We Are United Under One Vision

Unity matters greatly to God and to us; therefore, we aggressively guard our unity and passionately support our leaders and the vision God has given our pastor.

We Give Our Freshest and Our Best

We meet people where they are through relevant communication, a welcoming, non-judging atmosphere, and excellence in all we do.

We Are Known for Our Outrageous Generosity

We live from the grace of God and are grace givers, committed to lifestyles of selfless love for the sake of our Church, our City and the Nations.

We Do Life Together

We live in authentic, committed relationships where we can belong and experience real life in Jesus.